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Ten Things to Know About Art Magazine Submissions

Art is consciously employing skill and creativity to produce aesthetic objects like landscape paintings, etc.

Things that you must be familiar with when making art magazine submissions!

Magazines are kinds of biggish books that are not dense in the arrangement and usually covered with a thin paper.

Most often, magazines have non-fictional prose compositions, snapshots, etc. but only on a specific subject, and people generally buy them each week or month.

When considering art magazine submissions, it is advisable to have the following in mind:

  1. An art magazine is a published work that mainly deals with art. You can encounter them in print form, online version, or both.

  2. Art magazine production hinges on co-operation between various sub-divisions like editorial, advertising, printing, and distribution units.

  3. Art magazine planning starts with the editor and the publisher fixing a date conclusively that the magazine will come to the reader. The printer and the distribution divisions supply the date or time before which the content should be ready.

  4. As soon as art magazine submissions like illustrations, etc. receive favorable opinions from the art magazine editors, it is given to either in-house publication staff or freelance writers.

  5. Once the contributor completes writing, he/she passes it back to the art magazine/ editor, either digitally or in a hard copy format.

  6. After that, the art magazine editor may direct the article to senior editor/s for their constructive comments.

  7. Frequently, writer/s are given ideas, hints etc. and asked to submit a revised version. The magazine will either then formally get hold of it or refuse to accept the article.

  8. The moment a document meets official approval, it arrives at the copyediting stage, meaning it will be exhaustively examined for correctness.

  9. When the copyediting procedure concludes, the article reaches the art sub-division. Here, the art director and the editor make their opinions known about pictures, diagrams, photographs, etc. (that blend well with the article).

  10. Lastly, the art director and the editor examine the article again. When the arrangement is accepted as satisfactory by the copy editor, editor, and art director, it is deemed fit for printing.

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