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Sell Art Collection Online – A Brief Guide

The web offers the visual art market with great potential for change and growth. Presently, online sales make up only 1.6% of total worldwide sales, but this is set to change. In the past years, millions of dollars have been invested in online sales platforms.

As the art market is expanding, we see changes in how art is sold and what art is bought, who bought it, and why. The ability of online platforms to motivate the public as a tastemaker is an example of the change, which has various positive outcomes.

The Internet is the best opportunity for buyers and emerging artists to enter the visual art market and shape its development. Here are some tips to help artists sell their art collection online in the new and rapidly increasing online visual art market.

  • Ensure to work with the traditional offline market

Never cut the established gallery market price online and don't use the web to offload shoddy work. Online activities are not the alternative sales tool, but additional ones to support and complement enterprises offline.

  • Don't get confused between networking and sales platforms

Online sales platforms are designed to generate new sales from clients. On the other hand, individual artist’s social media platforms and websites are crucial networking tools designed to manage the existing clients.

  • Be proactive and keep all options open

Join a different variety of platforms to sell your art collections online. They offer great choice and convenience to art buyers, just like art fairs, but all work differently and appeal to different buyers for specific reasons.

  • Keep the information detailed and up-to-date

There are no online sales teams to answer the questions from a buyer. A buyer should depend on the up-to-date and accurate information provided by the artist. In a report, 95% of art buyers said that the artwork quality and the website's presented information were the essential factors while buying art online.

  • Online sales are never going to replace offline mediums

Continue to exhibit artworks in as many offline platforms as possible, which also consists of your studio.

It is better to sell art collections online, but make sure to consider the tips mentioned above.

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