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How to Sell Artwork Online for Free?

It is rather overwhelming to start selling your oil paintings online. An artist wouldn’t know where to start. If you are an artist looking to sell art online for free, it would be better, to begin with, an existing platform. In this way, you can gain access to the vast audience that the online art store has. Each online art gallery works in its own way – be it concentrating on a niche segment, print on demand, or art commissioning.

Check the pricing factor before opting to sell your oil paintings on any website. It would not do well for your oil paintings to appear in different online art galleries at different prices. Some online art galleries help you sell artwork online for free. Such online art platforms are a boon for artists. They do not charge a commission for selling oil paintings online. In this way, your oil paintings get the exposure they deserve, and you might chance upon a good sale value for your painting. The process of selling oil paintings online involves taking good quality images of the oil paintings to be uploaded. Artists can also indicate if they want to make digital artworks of the same.

While some online art galleries focus on professional artists, others offer an opportunity for newer artists to display their oil paintings and other artwork. Commission art websites get specific criteria from potential buyers and then allow registered artists to create proposals that cater to their needs. The different ways that an artist can profit from an online art website are manifold – art sales, art commissions, and art rentals.

When selling through an online art store, the onus of packing and shipping is yours. This needs to be factored in when pricing your oil painting. You can also choose to build your own website to sell artwork online for free. Artists can usually place as many paintings as they wish on the online art stores. They can choose to offer their oil paintings for creating prints. Online art galleries use podcasts, articles, and forums to keep buyers and sellers updated and connected.

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