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Five Tips to Sell Paintings Online

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Trading works of art for money can test the abilities of people who create them; this is true, even for extremely gifted artists.

To keep financial problems at bay, it's important to take action to transform your intense interest in arts into a commercially successful venture.

Metamorphosis of a hobby or proficiency in art or crafts into a commercial operation can discourage and inspire fear in the beginning. At this stage, it is necessary to attempt to solve the problem gradually. With consistent efforts, you can convert your imminent chef-d'oeuvre into your expected rental payment. Here's how to move slowly but surely from one stage to the next when selling paintings online.

1. Sell paintings online on social media by marketing your expertise in creating works of art

Social media is helpful, as well as hostile. Although some individuals believe that it is an invasive computing technique, many individuals have found social media advantageous as it fits in with their wishes or needs. For instance, performing artists encash social media platforms to highlight their talent. Artists can connect their social media accounts to their website so that patrons can purchase their paintings.

2. Sell paintings online by evolving into an art curator

As an art curator, you get official permission to sell a specific artist's paintings. Alternatively, you could reach an agreement to become the sole distributor of their paintings.

3. Offer paintings online using third-party storefronts

Influential third-party storefronts like Etsy give artists the chances (both for progress and profit) to sell their creations to art lovers worldwide.

4. Create your website to sell paintings online

A website is necessary for each artist as it helps their online portfolio become known and ropes in the right clientele minus fees (as is the case with online storefronts).

5. Hire online art galleries to sell your paintings online!

Forwarding your paintings to online art galleries is effective as they draw art collectors' attention worldwide.

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