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Essential Tips to Find an Online Art Exhibition

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Exhibition activity can be a part of an artist's artistic practice without necessarily leading to any income. Here are some of the reasons artists have to exhibit their work and ways to get there.

  • Your production of showcasing art

Most artists make a common mistake to think that they must go on the show as soon as they create artwork. Most of the time, the reason is to get the work 'out of the studio' to make more space, sometimes it is to get feedback, but most often it is a wish to start earning money from the artistic activity.

Art worth showing in an online art exhibition should result from a long process of persistent and reliable art production.

  • Be able to have a conversation about your art

Learning to talk about your work is an essential part of the procedure. If you can formulate your ideas or even use some of them, you know how the production can be continued. This is when art and discourse become coherent enough for showing.

  • Understanding the world of art

So, after creating a coherent body of works and assuming you are comfortable with your discourse, what comes next?

It is a typical mistake to think you will get in a gallery or be a part of the curator's project if you present your portfolio. It is essential to understand every project before your online art exhibition. Your work must align with a particular subject and be in line with the gallery's overall vision, and only then will you enjoy the high rate of success that you strive for.

  • Doing it yourself

Finding a curator or gallery owner is not simple. It might take years before you find someone who shares your ideas, concerns, and overall discourse. Try to be active and come up with the initiatives that might bring your art out there. Try to organize online art exhibitions and events where your work forms a part of the larger project.

Keep learning, visit exhibitions, explore online, and be part of the artistic communities to understand the evolving art market.

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