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Art Magazine Submissions - A Unique Experience

An art magazine is a print publication that provides opportunities for artistic growth. Ever since the publication entered online platform, the scope has widened more than before. Whether you are an amateur or professional artist, you can connect directly with art professionals, collectors, and art galleries. You can upload your artwork to the website and create an online profile. Art magazine submissions will promote your work to a worldwide audience of over three billion internet users. For more details, let us know how you can strengthen yourself as an artist with art magazines.

Pursue your passion

For people having requisite skills to create an unique artwork, art magazine provides a great medium to build a successful art career. Here, you can maintain a collection of artwork online and let people know about your artistic style. Regular artwork submission will add more work to your profile and attract more viewers to your art. In this way, art enthusiasts can sell their artwork and gain recognition too.

Enhance your artistic knowledge

When you plan for art magazine submissions, you will prepare digital images of your artwork before uploading them. The preparation means you have to crop, sharpen, or adjust your photos to meet the standards. Due to frequent trials and errors, you understand the proper use of colors, compositions, detailing, etc. Eventually, working with digital photos will make you mindful of your artistic strengths and weaknesses.

Deal with buyers directly

Your artwork in the magazine will gain maximum visibility among visitors from diverse backgrounds. The entire selling process is simple and manageable. From submission of artwork to dealing with buyers, everything is handled by you. You are free to inquire, buy, sell, decide logistics, and negotiate prices with the prospects. Art magazines neither intervene with your dealings, nor do they charge commissions.

If you choose art magazine submissions, it will give you the right exposure and better sales opportunity. Associating with the global art market of buyers and sellers will provide a unique experience. You can easily keep track of your pieces and organize them systematically. The online platform also eliminates the need for paper records. If you sell your work, you can mark those pieces as sold by logging into your account.

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