So, you thought selling your works at art meccas like Paris, New York, or Tokyo was just a pipe dream?


Well, we’re here to prove you wrong!!

THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART is part-magazine and part-gallery that’s designed to cater to the hungry art connoisseurs around the world. For both emerging and professional artists, we’re a conduit to their infinite potential.

Above all, we’re different!





You read that right!
Zero! Zilch!! Nada!!!
We can go on to translate the number “zero” in another foreign language, but we suspect you’ve gotten the point we’re trying to make.


Yes, we’re proud to be one of a very select art galleries of its kind that does not charge a commission from artists. We believe that artists should be rewarded for their talents and hard work, without an art gallery or dealership charging hefty commissions on their life’s creations; we’ve seen this often amount to a ridiculous 50% of the selling price! At The MoCA, we believe in 100% transparency, and instead let the artists decide what to sell, how much to sell for, and determine what their art is worth. All the while taking exactly $0 on commission.

You keep 100% of the profit!



Selling your art for $5,200 and worried about throwing away a whopping $2,600 to the gallery owner? Well, with The MoCA, you get to keep all of the $5,200. And the shipping costs and taxes too if you so choose.


Concerned if your $500 work will sell after the gallery forces you to mark it all the way up to $1,000 only to split your profit? Well, with The MoCA, you don’t need to anymore. Sell directly to your client for the same $500. Your customers will be delighted to buy your art for 50% less, while you still get to make 100% of the proceeds. It’s a huge win-win for both parties!


Ah! If everything in life would have been that simple!


FREE Promotion (Paid By Us!)


The best part of showcasing your artwork on the pages of The MoCA is that it's (almost) free to list and free to sell. Even when you pay us close to nothing, your art and your life’s stories stay in our gallery for the entire year, opening a channel to a whopping 3.2 billion internet users around the world. And remember if you sell during this time you don't pay us a dime!


Created more masterpieces to add to your existing artworks? No problem there!


We will add more artworks to your personal gallery, listing all your works for a low monthly charge. Starting with our van Gogh plan, which costs mere 9 cents a day, we will even publish blogs and articles on your behalf, giving you a huge boost in your artistic exposure. Step up to our Picasso plan, and over time we will help your art achieve top ranking in all the major search engines. 


And did we say we're still not going to charge any commission when you sell your art?


Your Art Ranked on Search Engine Giants:

Google, Bing, Yahoo!


This is one of the premium marketing strategies art professionals, galleries, and auction houses employ to promote their works on the first page of the major search engines. At The MoCA, we do all that and much more. But for much less!


We go to great lengths to rank our pages high in organic searches from worldwide audience. We have partnered with one of the foremost digital marketing companies of the world to help us achieve this. An entire dedicated team of top SEO professionals work on the latest algorithm Google uses and keywords with proven data to acquire the most robust Internet traffic. This way, you get the highest ROI (return on investment), and we’re able to consistently land our website on Google's first page to help elevate the selling potential of your artworks on our platform. 


And guess what? During seasons with increased activity of fine art sales like Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, we even run paid campaign ads on Google, known in the industry as pay-per-click (PPC), taking care of the advertising costs on your behalf to give you the high ranking your art deserves on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! search engines.


Your Art Promoted on Social Media Giants:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter


Okay, this one might seem like it’s too good to be true!


On our da Vinci plan, we advertise your art on The MoCA’s social media platforms which is followed by tens of thousands of active and engaged art lovers internationally. As of November 2020, our Facebook page has over 21,000 followers, our Instagram account has a following of over 8,300 and our Twitter account has over 2,300 followers. That statistics alone more than covers the small price you pay to showcase your artworks on any of our plans.

We do all the hard work for you, so you can do what you do best – create gorgeous art!



Featured Artworks


At The MoCA, we strive to maintain the highest standards among the artists we represent. On your submission form, you have the option to indicate whether you’d like to be nominated as one of our featured artists. Based on this information, we evaluate your artwork alongside other artists’ works to determine whether they will be a good fit for our lead page.


If selected, you’re invited to submit your art to the featured section along with a listing fee of $100. At that point, you may choose to showcase your artwork alongside our handpicked elite group of featured artists, bringing you an even greater exposure. Remember that our featured artists are selected by invitation only, and if selected, you’re in no way obligated to submit your art to this section. However, doing so would give you significantly more visibility among our audience.



Interview & Life Story


Every quarter, we interview a select group of artists and publish a full story on their life’s journey. We cover their background, the hurdles they’ve overcome, and the dreams that they hold. Oftentimes, it’s this personal storytelling that art buyers are looking for. Through a full portfolio of works, the audience gets to appreciate the artist’s visions in a wholesome manner that a hung canvas on the walls of an art gallery itself – however fashionable – might never have been able to convey. We believe this is one of the key features that sets us apart from others.


We only interview about top 2% of our artists who have achieved national or international recognition in their field of work. Other qualities we’re generally looking in an artist selected for an interview include those who have been the recipients of prestigious awards, have degrees from prestigious art schools and universities, have experience showing their artworks at reputable art galleries and museums, have success selling at auctions, and have published in some of the leading art magazines and journals. Every one of these listed accomplishments isn’t necessary to be selected for a featured interview edition, although they will make it easier for your works to stand out.


If you feel like you have the potential to meet this threshold please let us know and we will be glad to look over your credentials. The initial assessment is free of cost. If you’re invited, there’s a $200 charge for the professionally conducted interview to cover for the services, which also includes an opportunity to submit 8 additional artworks for free to be presented on your own interview page. In the future, print publications will also be made available of these artist interviews in a full-color glossy bound keepsake special edition. These will be published on demand in limited quantities for artists and art enthusiasts, and can be ordered separately.


Are You an Art Gallery?



If you're an art gallery it makes all the more sense to showcase your clients on the walls of THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART. Surely, your art gallery offers a wonderful experience to visitors and you love those face-to-face interactions. But while your gallery needs to lock its doors come nighttime, it's important to remember that the sun is still shining in many parts of the globe. Enter THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART. We'll keep our doors open for you to global viewers round the clock: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no downtime. While the art world in New York sleeps, art collectors from Paris and Melbourne can browse the artworks on our walls and admire the work of the artists that your gallery represents.


We believe that while all art is created locally, the love for art is universal.


Treasure in Your Attic?



Have an old Marilyn Monroe in your attic? Did you know that an original Warhol could sell for millions? Display it with us to catch the eyes of worldwide artists, galleries, dealers, collectors, and connoisseurs. You see, THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART isn’t just for artists. You can also make a fortune selling your grandfather’s art collection while saving up on paying those high commissions to art auction houses. As in our policy with showcasing works submitted by artists, we also don’t charge any commission on works submitted by art galleries.

So whether you're a private collector or just happened upon a stash of artworks serendipitously, we're excited to see them.


Make Your Own!



 THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART is like your own personal art gallery where you can display and sell works directly to the buyer without the high-cost middlemen involved in complicated art transactions. 

This is exactly what makes THE MAGAZINE OF CONTEMPORARY ART the best place to buy and sell art.

In fact, very soon, you'll be able to create your own artist websites, add your artworks, and build your portfolio! Stay tuned!


The Road Ahead



We make it super simple for you to list and sell your art. Just fill out our brief questionnaire, upload high-quality images of your artwork, and pay the small flat fee for your  work. Your art will be displayed in a rich and elegant professional design sure to impress art lovers around the world. If you’re selling prints, you can list those too without paying additional charges.